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About Shine Studios

My name is April Johnston

April's journey into Ceramics has be winding to say the least.

She had my own production studio many years ago. Located in LaJolla Ca. Selling nationwide successfully in Nordstroms. Then life took April on a journey into professional Photography. April traveled the globe for 10 years a a photographer. Based now in Los Angeles, April created a new creative studio to be known as The Shine Studios.

During Covid she was yearning to stay busy and started up again creating Ceramics. However this time around she wanted to focus on being more "zen" and  creating for the love of the process! She found deep inspiration by focusing her craft on One of Kind Bespoke ceramics this time around.


April's  career as a full time photographer lead her to many destinations across the globe which continue to inspire her new seasonal designs. She creates organic modern vessels that have

become a fast favorite for designers.


In this new studio, each vessel is created by hand; to be one of a kind and unique.  Starting in 2023 Stockists, Interior designers and Wabi Sabi collectors have all begun to embrace the unique style of her pottery. 

Please Email to add her one of a kind Ceramics to your design project or storefront


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