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Large Black and White Stoneware Moon vase

Large Black and White Stoneware Moon vase

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This stunning Large Black & White Stoneware Moon vase will make a beautiful statement in your home. Handcrafted with stoneware clay and a heavy volcanic textured matte glaze, its unique blend of black and white with a tan interior makes this one-of-a-kind piece an eye-catching accent to any room. Its 10x10" inches with a 78 cm circumference offer the perfect size and shape to enhance any décor. Transform your space with this gorgeous statement piece!

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Each piece is hand coiled stoneware clay. Fired multiple times and ways to create One of Kind Vessel.covered in custom slips, Oxides and glazes perfect for a coastal home or home with a modern rustic decor.

This Vessel is water tight and can be used for floral arrangements . we encourage testing however before use or furniture protection 

much in the style of Wabi Wabi practice, we encourage you to enjoy the imperfections that are a in my style  of  work.


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